Equipment or machinery in need of a refurb? Our sister company Height Platforms are a specialist Centre for the Refurbishment of Access Equipment and General Plant Machinery.

  • They ‘Strip Down’ fully all machines upon entering the Workshop.
  • Any repairs are carried out on site where possible.
  • They ‘Prime’ all machines prior to Re-Spray, by our Qualified Spray Painters.
  • Machines are then further examined by the Service Team.

Once this is completed, they rebuild machines to a First Class, Professional Standard.  Original Cosmetic and Safety Decals are then applied.



Hyster 3.20

refurb_before-hyster refurb_after-hyster


refurb-before-jcb-2cx refurb-after-jcb-2cx

JCB Digger

refurb_before-jcb-digger refurb_after-jcb-digger#

Diesel Scissor Lift

refurb-before-jlg-deisel-scissors-lift refurb-after-jlg-deisel-scissors-lift

Rail Dump

refurb-before-rail-dump refurb-after-rail-dump

Genie 19/32 Scissor Lifts

refurb-before-scissor-lift refurb-after-scissor-lift

before after